Towing Services

MR Flow
Auto Art LLC


When your car breaks down in Plainfield or surrounding areas, you don’t have to panic. Mr. Flow Auto Art LLC is here to help! No matter what the situation – blown tires or you ran out of gas – our tow truck driver will get to you as quickly as possible and help you get back on the road in no time.


Our towing specialists are always on call, so whatever service your vehicle may need, you can be sure that our professionals will do the job right, and they’ll do it right the first time.

If you’ve had an accident call MR FLOW AUTO ART LLC.

When it comes to auto towing services

We offer the following services



Recovering vehicles from accidents
Towing vehicles away from private property


Emergency towing


Flatbed towing
Jumper tow

We assure 100% guaranteed jobs. And as far as your insurance goes, we perform as fast and maintain the same excellent quality work. Do not hesitate to call MR FLOW AUTO ART LLC for car towing. We tow your car and take you to our workshop, and once we’re done, your car will look like it did the day you first took it out of the dealership.


Light duty towing typically involves towing smaller sedans and “city driving” cars. So if you need your vehicle towed for whatever reason, give Mr. Flow Auto Art LLC a call at (908) 279-6617 / (908) 659-6572!  and get a free estimate today!

Mr. Flow Auto Art LLC

Also offers 24/7 emergency towing services For a free estimate call at (908) 279-6617 / (908) 659-6572! We offer affordable prices without sacrificing superior service – customer satisfaction guaranteed!